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Michael MorganMichael Morgan is a Community Councillor for Newtonhill, Muchalls & Cammachmore.  He is also the Community Representative for the North Kincardine area on the Kincardine & Mearns Community Planning Group.  He has been active in various ways exercises to strengthen the voice and involvement of local people in the issues that affect them.  Michael is going to write a regular blog and in his first contribution here, he offers his thoughts on local transport and asks you to get involved in the new K&M Transport Futures Forum. Please note that any opinions expressed here are Michael’s own and not those of any of the partner organisations involved in the Community Planning Group or K&M Communities.  “From a personal point of view driving on the A90 is dangerous and parking in Aberdeen is a nightmare.  The time has come when shopping online is cheaper and easier than shopping in Aberdeen.  What happens if you don’t have a choice, if you work in Aberdeen and have to commute by car, bus or train?  Public transport is failing us in so many ways throughout the whole of Kincardine and Mearns.  LaurencekirkA90 Too few buses and buses that don’t stop because they are already full, express buses that take the worst possible route through Aberdeen to the Union Square Bus Station.  Several times I have seen people waiting at Union Square Bus Station to catch a bus to return to Montrose or Dundee only to be left behind as the bus leaves full.  An hour’s wait for the next bus!  Recently an elderly couple with a wheelchair were stranded in Union Street under similar circumstances; it just should not happen when we are being encouraged by the Scottish Government to use public transport. The house building at Hillside continues and development of the new town of Chapelton is now under way.  More houses will lead to more cars and greater demands on public transport; the situation will only deteriorate.  The AWPR is predicted to improve the traffic flow on the A90, but by the time it is finished, will the increasing demand negate any improvement that is achieved? fb logo  1897944_666943753377531_8742362294056880859_n[1]    SparseSpoke It is all very well moaning about it, but what can be done to improve things?  Doing nothing is certainly not going to change anything for the better.  So what can be done and who can do it?  One thing that we can do is to go along to the new Transport Futures Forum on the 29th May. A90 This is a new initiative set up to tackle just this exact problem and all other issues around transport in Kincardine and Mearns.  Let everybody know your thoughts and what ideas you have to improve transport; leave a message on the Blog on this web site to start making things happen”.

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