Welfare Reform – 2nd Review

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Local partners and residents feel informed and prepared for Welfare Reform and the impacts on residents are identified and monitored with sustainable solutions sought as appropriate. 



7.1 A local grouping will function as a hub for coordinating and accessing the resources and activity needed locally to support partners and residents to successfully adapt to the changes within the current Welfare Reform.

Specifically, the grouping will:

  •  seek solutions for supporting affected residents with budgeting and internet access for benefit applications
  •  ensure clear signposting information is available for partners supporting residents
  •  monitor the impact of the changes being implemented through available data and reports from local partners, seeking solutions where they are required

Libraries network, Social Work, NHS Grampian, Police Scotland, Working for Families Project, Community Learning & Development, Voluntary sector organisations such as Pillar Kincardine, K&D Befriending & Citizens Advice Bureau. The Welfare Reform Project Officer for K&M linking to the Cross-Service Welfare Reform Working Group for Aberdeenshire.

Progress & Results:welfare-reform-300x181
– A revised steering group has been established to help focus specifically on welfare reform within Kincardine and Mearns. The steering group has published an action plan covering the main issues to be addressed.

– A local network meeting is being organised to inform local partners of the main issues surrounding welfare reform, help raise awareness and provide details of help and support available for local residents – May 2014

– Initial profile created of claimants in K&M due to be impacted by Universal Credit, e.g. ages, disability etc.

– Range of information leaflets made available providing details of various welfare reforms

– There are plans to utilise the existing Grampian CareData website to include details of support services in the area

– The welfare reform team is planning to carry out a survey to monitor the impact of welfare reform in Aberdeenshire. The results of this can be used to develop any further action points.

Lead Partners & Contact:
Ricki Lyon
Project Officer Welfare Reform
Aberdeenshire Council
01261 813524

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