Engaged Communities Supporting Themselves – 2nd Review

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Local residents are actively involved in developing vibrant and resilient communities, of place and of interest, which support the needs of all their members.  These communities are increasingly empowered by revitalising and broadening community engagement opportunities.


9.1 The K&M Effective Community Group Pack will be developed further (with material on marketing/publicity; engaging/lobbying/petitions; fundraising; event management; inclusion and recruiting new members; business planning & evaluation; risk assessment and data and child protection) and made available to community groups.  A means of providing support to groups to use the pack will also be developed.

9.2 An open and inclusive engagement process is underway to develop the future of Rural Area Partnerships in the area that support communities to support themselves. 

CVSA, Rural Area Partnerships, Volunteer Centre Aberdeenshire, CLD, Community Planning Officers and other experts as required; community organisations, the wider community.

Progress & Results:
The additional material for the effective community group pack has been finished and will be printed by end of March 2014.

A number of groups have used the pack. Some users have completed a survey on how they found the pack. In particular users have said that the pack presents material in a clear way that is easy to understand and refer to.

KDP Partership – the inaugural meeting was held on the 29th January.  It was well attended and temporary officers were appointed. Comments from attendees were positive. 10 community Council representative volunteers have been nominated to the putative board and monthly meetings are being encouraged.

Next steps:ID-10031940
Work is continuing for all of these actions.

Lead Partners & Contact:
Ed Garret
01569 668055

Ian Hunter
01569 760301

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