Ageing Well – 2nd Review

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Partners in this priority area are working to enable older people and their carers to remain active at home in their communities; ensure residential care options continue with leisure activities and maintain contact with the community; ensure support is provided around long term conditions such as dementia and challenge perceptions of age related activities to build confidence and awareness that everyone has skills to offer whatever their age.


8.1 Identify local needs & gaps; better promote existing activities and innovative practice; support the extension and development of activities
8.2 Increase awareness & choice for nutritional meals & access to community activities where a meal is integral
8.3 Research & develop a Timebank project to promote skill sharing

Social Work, CLD, MCHLN, Aberdeenshire Signposting Project, Older People’s Forums, K&D Befriending, NHS, KMAP

As well partners’ own resources, these actions have accessed the Aberdeenshire Change Fund & K&M Community Planning Group budget.

Progress & Results:
Going for Gold (residential care & community leisure) events & care home networks are growing.

Men’s Shed coordinator is in post & working with a group in Portlethen.

K&D Hospital Befriending: 13 people matched, 11 carers supported, 25 bed days saved, reduction of occupied bed days by 14.9%. No re-admissions to hospital. img_6322

Aberdeenshire Signposting Project continues to expand service.

Library service encouraging older users with new resources & sessions – I-pad classes have now commenced in Portlethen library, linked to e-books: 7 attendees at the first class.

Older Peoples’ Forums held with 8 people attending at Portlethen, 12 at Laurncekirk and 11 in Inverbervie.

Community needs & activity survey is underway.
MCHLN Shopping Service: 29 users per week, 39 users of transport service.

Meals provision in the area has been reviewed.

Phase 1 of a Timebank Scoping Study has been completed.

Next steps:
Work is continuing for all of these actions.

Lead Partners & Contact:
Janine Howie
Care Team Manager, Social Work Aberdeenshire Council
01569 768424

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