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Stonehaven Town Centre
Stonehaven Town Centre

Intended Outcomes:

Our area is recognised as a supportive business environment; where residents, businesses and social enterprises are encouraged and assisted to make their communities self-sufficient.


4.1 An Aberdeenshire Council Community Economic Development Officer is being provided to support communities to strengthen the Rural Area Partnership network in Kincardine & Mearns

4.2 Aberdeenshire Council and interested local organisations will take forward opportunities to transfer assets to communities to better meet local needs.

4.3 Council will engage local business organisations in the development of a Town Centres Action Plan and Toolbox

4.4 Council and community organisations will develop and promote tourism opportunities in K&M including developing assets in the Mearns Regeneration Priority Area.

4.5 Council and Business Gateway will work together to support business development in K&M by providing advice and financial support that will sustain and create employment

4.6 Businesses, community development trusts and Councilwill work together to encourage the development of employment sites across K&M.


Stonehaven Caravan Park
Stonehaven Caravan Park

Current rural partnerships, community stakeholders and members, CLD, CVSA, Aberdeenshire Council,Business Gateway


Progress & Results:
Community Economic Development Officer continues to support the development of the New Rural Partnership. The launch is expected to take place later on in 2014.

Meeting with, and advice provided to, Furniture Lodge group regarding business plan content for Cowie Lane project. A revised business plan was submitted to the CAT steering group.

Town Centres’ Plan will be launched before the end of 2014.

Advice, workshops and general support are provided to businesses by Business Gateway (BG) and additional advice and financial support is provided by Aberdeenshire Council. As at March 2014 results for K&M are:

  •  61 business start ups supported
  •  6 businesses supported for hi-growth development
  •  4 web site reviews completed
  •  2 supported by Survive & Thrive programme
  •  4 First Employee Grants (£1,000 each)
  •  5 SAB grants totalling £25,350
  •  1 SAB loan £8,000 (plant & equipment)
  •  1 SAB loan £17,000 ( business operates in both K&M/Marr)


Next steps:
Work is continuing for all of these actions.


Lead Partners & Contact:

Robert Armstrong,

Council Economic Development

Aberdeenshire Council

01569 768294

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