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Intended Outcomes:

Partners and local residents are working together to identify issues and opportunities and improve upon transport in a coordinated way.


2.1 Develop and support a Transport Needs Forum in K&M

2.2 Aberdeenshire Council led review of public transport to improve delivery of public transport options to necessary services and facilities

2.3 Promote the new Transport to Health Information Centre (THInC)

2.4 Community partners in Stonehaven involved in a review of Aberdeenshire Council’s policy for car parking charges in the town.

Aberdeenshire Council, Nestrans, Bus & Rail Operators, K&M Bus Forum, School Bus Contractors, NHS, Aberdeenshire Signposting Project, Scottish Ambulance Service, Community Newsletters, Other Community & Voluntary Organisations, including those in Stonehaven

Aberdeenshire Council is resourcing the review of public transport and the facilitation of K&M Transport Needs Forum and engaging involvement of partners.

Progress & Results:
Following discussions with appropriate stakeholders the first meeting of a regular K&M Transport Needs Forum is planning for late May 2014.

Both review of Passenger Transport Strategy and Policies and Strategic Network Review are ongoing.

A communications plan for THInC has been delivered and included: promotional text on all partner websites & social media; Around 400 emails sent to community groups, professionals, charities with request to circulate further – evidence suggests this is working well; articles and advertising in a wide range of newsletters, social media and blogs; Advertising on Aberdeenshire Live; Posters distributed to all GP practices, local hospitals & ARI; and advertising on prescription bags took place during March.  This included 70 independent pharmacies across Grampian.

The effect, if any, of this promotion should be seen in call numbers from March.  I’m awaiting a report on this.

Next steps:
Work is continuing for all of these actions and further progress is requested regularly by the Community Planning Group.

Lead Partner & Contact:
Mark Skilling
Transport Strategy Manager
Aberdeenshire Council
01224 664809

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