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Bus stop in Stonehaven

We want both businesses and individuals to be able to access an integrated transport network. 


Action 1
Develop and support a Transport Needs Forum in Kincardine & Mearns that will incorporate the views of all transport users and stakeholders in the area and lobby for improvements in provision and infrastructure
Council, public transport providers, Community Councils, Area Partnerships, K&M Bus Forum, Nestrans, Transport Scotland, Eurorail, rail operators, interested individuals
Spring 2014
Action Progress
Draft terms of Reference and Forum membership are currently being developed and will be circulated by the end of October for comment


Action 2
Aberdeenshire Council is undertaking a comprehensive review of all public transport with the aim of providing best value in the delivery of public transport options to necessary services and facilities. The Community Planning Group and lead partner for this priority will seek to influence the review to ensure positive outcomes for Kincardine and Mearns.
Aberdeenshire Council, Nestrans, bus operators, bus forums, school bus contractors and health partners.
1. Aberdeenshire Passenger Transport Strategy Consultation
2. Review complete – Spring 2014
3. Outcomes 2014/15
Action Progress
Aberdeenshire Council’s Public Transport Unit are currently seeking comments on their draft Passenger Transport Strategy. When that process is completed by December 2013 their attention will start to turn to the Comprehensive Review of Public Transport from January 2014 onwards


Action 3
Develop a marketing plan to support the uptake of the new Transport to Health Information Centre (THInC), developed under the Health and Transport Action Plan (HTAP).
Nestrans, NHS & NHS Area Teams, Aberdeenshire ,Aberdeen City &Moray Councils, Scottish Ambulance Service, Aberdeenshire Signposting Project, Community Newsletters, Local Community Planning Groups
March 2014.
Action Progress
A new HTAP Co-ordinator has been appointed and will be in post before the end of October. An early meeting will be set up to make him aware of this action and how best to take it forward.


Action 4
Community partners in Stonehaven, where car parking charges are in place, will be involved in a review of Aberdeenshire Council’s policy for car parking charges in the town.
Aberdeenshire Council Transport Strategy Manager, Stonehaven & District Community Council, Stonehaven Business Association, Stonehaven Town Partnership, Stonehaven Tourism Group, Stonehaven Horizon Group, Stonehaven Festival & Events
Initial meeting – June 2013.
K & M Area Committee – September 2013 & November 2013. 
Infrastructure Services Committee – December 2013.
Action Progress
 Initial meeting held with attendance from STP, Horizon, K&M Councillors, Mark Skilling, Aberdeenshire Road Strategy Manager and Willie Munro.  A follow up report will come before Kincardine & Mearns Area Committee on 19th November
Success against Outcome
Positive feedback was reported in Stonehaven Community Council’s minutes regarding this meeting.


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