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Housing development in Portlethen
We work towards making sure that infrastructure needs are identified and met in line with development and that a full range of services is available and accessible to new communities without compromising the existing ones.

Action 1
Set up implementation group for Elsick (and for other allocations as they come forward)
Council, Developers, Public and 3rd Sector service providers
Group Set Up – June 2013
Review – December 2013
Agency Delivery Plans – April 2014
Action Progress
Group established & masterplan for Chapleton of Elsick agreed.  


Action 2
Set up Elsick Community Liaison Group and Infrastructure Group
Council, Developers, Public service providers, Community Representatives
Infrastructure Group established – August 2013
Community Liaison Committee established – October 2013
Overall Project Group established – August 2013
Action Progress
 Infrastructure & Overall Project Groups have been set up.  The remit and structure for a Community Liaison Group have been set out and while the first meeting was postponed it arranged for October
Success against Outcome
31 people attended North Kincardine Community Forum to participate in a discussion to feed into the Elsick Community Liaison Committee


Action 3
Conclude work of Hillside working group and agree plans for new school
 Council, community
1. Report of Working Group – May 2013
2. Report on School capabilities – April 2013
3. Report on School roles – April 2013 & April 2014
4. Decide on Primary School provision – June 2013
5. Planning Permission Allocation in Capital Plan – December 2013
Action Progress
Stages 1,2,3,4 complete.  Council agreed to provide new Primary School at Hillside. Decision made but funding not identified at that time.  Provision to be made in capital programme requiring reprioritisation of other projects


Action 4
Through robust assessments and governance, agree and implement community infrastructure for new developments
 Council other public sector bodies, 3rd sector, community
1.Local Development Plan Main Issues Report – December 2013
2.Draft LDP for consultation – June 2013
3.FIRS to assess infrastructure needs – June 2013
4.Set out infrastructure needs in LDP
5.Agree developer obligations
6. Review – Sept 2016
Action Progress
 Bids received and assessed.  Consultation meeting set up for November.  Bids exceed the provision required to be made in LDP in order to comply with Strategic Development Plan.


Action 5
Ensure appropriate consultation and engagement for new Local Development Plan (LDP)
 Council, Community Councils, business interests
 1.Consultation meetings re Main Issues – December 2013
2.Draft LDP for consultation – TBC
Action Progress
 Consultation meetings (1) set up.


Action 6
Support Community Councils to organise engagement events for LDP
 Council, Community Councils
 Community Council Forum on LDP – November 2013
Action Progress
Initial meeting organised by Council.
Initial briefing on LDP for Community Council.


Action 7
Information/signposting on the LDP and other planning processes
 Council, Community Councils
1.Web pages updated Ongoing
2. Advertisement of consultation meetings – November 2013
3. Session for Councillors on planning End 2013
Action Progress
Web pages up to date.
Advertisement of meetings complete. 


Action 8
Raise awareness through Councillors to encourage community participation
Council, community 
Briefing for Area Committee November 2013
Action Progress
 Session being arranged


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