Including Everyone in Our Communities – 1st Review

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We want all local residents to feel included and able to participate equally in vibrant and resilient communities. We will support organisations and projects to be inclusive to a wide range of people in their work. 

Action 1
Having identified current levels of community involvement and wellbeing, the Kincardine & Mearns Community Wellbeing Network will develop and deliver a project to encourage socially inclusive attitudes and behaviour in Portlethen &/or Inverbervie.
K&M Wellbeing Network including Social Work, K&D Befriending, Pillar Kincardine, local Libraries Network, NHS Grampian Public Health Coordinator, Police Scotland.
Survey design complete October 2013
Survey distribution End February 2014
Results collation & Report March 2014
Project(s) identified and taken forward 2014-16
Action Progress
Funding was received in August to support this work.
A survey has been designed and piloted by small groups.  A meeting was held by key partners involved at the end of October to arrange distribution.  Capacity to undertake survey with responders & collate results may affect timescales.  


Action 2
 K&M Youth Forum will be supported to work and address issues that they feel are important to them and their peers and their community.
 CLD / Youth work organisations/ schools.
 Group to look at remit and role – December 2013
Action Progress
The three separate youth forums in K&M have been married.  Team building has been taking place and they have identified an initial project – an App development – that they are taking forward. 


Action 3
Young people and residents are able to access information and feel confident to engage with a range of services and organisations in Kincardine & Mearns, particularly around issues of employability, welfare reform and personal finances.
 CLD / Youth work organisations/ schools.
 Dec  2014
Action Progress
K&M Communities Facebook page is regularly posting information on these issues.  Promotion of the page continues and the number of residents engaging with the page is growing steadily.  Plans for 2014 to widen the partners posting to this page.


Action 4
Young people are engaged in the development of online networking and information sharing tools which may include the promotion of the current Youth Opportunities Database Aberdeenshire (Y.O.D.A.) and/or the development of an interactive, one-stop community website for K&M. K& M youth forum will be supported to develop an App for dissemination of quality current youth information.
 CLD / Youth work organisations/ schools
Initial project identified summer 2013
Funding secured August 2013
Project taken forward Sept 2013-March 2014
Action Progress
K&M Youth Forum identified a Youth Information App Project.  Funding was secured from the Community Planning Group.  The first meeting with the App Developer and the Youth Forum has taken place, getting things kick started and people thinking about the content of the app. 
Some problems have been noted around how much the young people can contribute and how much the app developer needs to do on there own.


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