Enable inclusive, multi-user services and facilities – 1st Review

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Portlethen Academy
Portlethen Academy

We will explore opportunities to co-locate services and activities that allows for greater access and more sustainable provision.  Moreover, we will seek to deliver services and facilities that encourage the inclusion and integration of everyone in our communities. 

Action 1
Review Community asset Transfer Policy
 Aberdeenshire Council with Mearns Community Forum
1. Review of Policy June 2013
2. STP review of CAT experience (QE caravan site) Dec 2013
Action Progress
The policy has been reviewed & relaxed to facilitate a more flexible range of transfers where there are clear benefits for community & Council.  Clean transfers found not to work initially.
Success against Outcome
Prior to the policy review the Aberdeenshire Council lead for Community Asset Transfer attended the Mearns Community Forum in February 2013 along with 15 other attendees where this issue was discussed.


Action 2
Work in partnership to achieve community asset transfer where appropriate
 Aberdeenshire Council plus community groups
1. 1st Season of Caravan site – October 2013
2. Meeting to review progress and business plan of 5 live stage 2 applications – Nov 2013
3. Report back to applicants – January 2013
4. Decisions of 5 live
Action Progress
Caravan site transfer complete. Review of policy to unblock town hall.  Business plan received for Cowie Lane.  Others awaiting business plans.
Business plans not all complete.  Feedback for services & prioritisation challenging.
Success against Outcome
Caravan site transferred. Running costs saved (TBA).  Income generated for STP. STP report of process to be produced. Improved standard Caravan Club at Stonehaven with site at capacity all season.


Action 3
Elsick Implementation Group – look for and create opportunities
Council and developer with all public and third sector service providers
1. Set up group – June 2013.
2. Review opportunities & identify – December 2013 & June 2014
4. Implement as appropriate. TBA
Action Progress
One meeting held to agree terms of reference and membership.
Problems noted around NHS funding for facilities.
Other agencies receiving asset strategies.
Success against Outcome
Record of discussions exploring joint opportunities with some identified and carried forward.
Final assessments will evidence cost savings in due course.


Action 4
Implement service points in line with roll out of strategy
 Council, communities, service partners
1. Mearns Community Campus Telly Talk (Laurencekirk Library) – November 2013
2. Stonehaven Service Point – June 2015
Action Progress
Laurencekirk Telly Talk will be a piloted at the current Library.  If it is well used it will continue at the new Mearns Community Campus.  Consultation and advertising of the pilot will be undertaken by the Service Point Group.
Stonehaven Service Point not expected until 2015.
Accommodation of a Service Point in Stonehaven to be progressed in line with the overall Strategy.
Success against Outcome
Data will be collected from Laurencekirk Pilot.
Service Point access in rural locations will negate the need to travel and reduce costs for service users.


Action 5
Share plans for infrastructure and service developments to create opportunities
 Council, service providing partners
1. Mastreplan – Laurencekirk – October 2013
2. Edzell Woods – Masterplan – August 2013
3. Blairs – Masterplan – October 2013
4. Main Issues consultation – February 2014
Action Progress
Masterplans production as expected.  Consultation on Main Issues starting October 2013. Full community consultation on LDP required to be actioned by Community Councils.
Success against Outcome
Evidence of joint planning during consultations on the above documents.
Police Scotland office at Mearns Academy.


Action 6
Health and social care integration implemented locally
Council, NHS, user groups
1. Council Senior Management conference September 2013
2. Establishment of Joint Board June 2013
Action Progress
Further information on local delivery needed.


Action 7
Joint Commissioning Strategy for Older People implemented locally
 Council, NHS, 3rd sector, user groups
1. Joint Commissioning Strategy for Older People – presentation Area Management Team June 2013
2. Joint Board set up June 2013
Action Progress
More information required for local delivery. Aim of the Strategy is to assist older people in living independent lives for as long as possible through
(i) early intervention
(ii) rehabilitation
(iii) improve quality & choices of long term care
One idea is to set up a joint integration board which will be run jointly by the NHS and Local Authority to oversee these changes.
Success against Outcome
 Joint Board established.

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